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10/f, Bowa House, 180 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Our Story

    • Eden Spa was established at Parmanand House, Tsim Sha Tsui since May 2010, has been offering quality and professional massage services. The gay friendly spa house is frequently visited by foreign businessmen and travellers to the city as well as locals, who rate the establishment as one of the best in Hong Kong.
    • In October 2013, Eden Spa was moved to Bowa House, Tsim Sha Tsui (nearby Jordon) until now. Larger space and better environment. 
    • All of our masseurs are qualified and certified in the utilising techniques of Chinese massage and Swedish massage. You will find that the spa is furnished luxuriously and kept hygienically clean to a high standard, with candlelit rooms and relaxing music to send you into a peaceful state of mind.
    • In November 2015, providing a better experience for the lovers of massage, Eden Spa unveiled a new branch SONATA (website) at 15/f, Y Centre, 13-15 Parkes Street, Jordon, so as to further promote the delight of pleasurable experience.
    • Please feel free to book by phone (+852) 2891 1284 or Whatsapp (+852) 5591 7321.
    • Opening Hours : 12:00pm - 11:59pm

The latest news 2017

JUL - 7 Years Anniv

 7 Years Anniversary Coupons 

For our 7 Years Anniversary, we are offering three types of coupons and the best rate is $250/90mins Chinese massage. Those coupons are valid in Eden Spa and Sonata. Please buy it in our shops after 15 July 2017. 19 July 2017, due to printing problem. 

(A) $250/90mins: Before 17:00 Early Bird (Appointed Date)
(B) $300/90mins: Before 17:00 Early Bird (Non-appointed Date)
(C) $358/90mins: Any time

1) A and B are vaild Monday to Friday, finish before 5pm.
2) Each purchase of coupons is limited to 5. Offer is subjected to availability.
3) Limit of one per order and non-redeemable.
4) Expires 31 December 2017.
5) We reserves the right to make the final decision.

JUL - Summer Festival

 Summer Festival 

01 July - 31 August 2017

Summer Festival, the best way to start your summer on July and August. Get the discount of $438 for all 2-hours spa courses. This promotion can be used in our shop only. Please make a reservation in advance.

FEB - New Package Added

We have added two new spa packages recently and updated the price list. Please feel free to contact by phone (+852) 2891 1284 or Whatsapp (+852) 5591 7321 if you have any questions.

The Caffeine Pleasure

No surprise here: coffee grounds are the perfect consistency for a great exfoliator. In addition, coffee beans contain caffein acid, which boosts collagen production. The ultimate relaxing massage experience using coffee infused oil and sea salt which is a soothing and stress relieving treatment to make you feel completely de-stressed and relaxed.

● Relax Massage ( 60 mins)
● Vicky Shower ( 20 mins)
● Sea Salt Scrub with Coffee Powder ( 20 mins)
● Chocolate Body Mask ( 20 mins)

120 mins..........HKD $498

Sandalwood Replenish

This sweet, woody and velvety scent from sandalwood essential oil is hydrating for dry and irritated skin and provides an antiseptic effect. With the sensual massage and scrub, it helps cool, calm & relieve the senses while soothing & balancing the skin.

● Relax Massage ( 60 mins)
● Sandalwood Oil (30 mins)
● Vicky Shower ( 20 mins)
● Sandalwood Salt Body Scrub ( 20 mins)

120 mins..........HKD $528

Jan - Refresh Moment

 Pomelo Leaves Scrub and Massage 

One of Lunar New Year tradition is, to clean our bodies and repel evil with pomelo leaf. It is used in treating cough, swellings, indigestion, and resolving alcohol toxins.

Period:Present to 27 th Jan 2017
Price:HKD $418 (120 mins)
  • Sea Salt Scrub with Pomelo leaves Powder (15 mins)
  • Vicky Spa (15 mins)
  • Relax Massage (90 mins)

Jan - We open in CNY

Arrangment During Chinese New Year holiday
We will still open during Chinese New Year holiday and our business hours will be from 14:00 to 21:00. We apologize for any inconvenience.
27 Jan (Fri) - 12:00 – 20:00
Terry, Mark, Gary, Jasper, Hugo, Ken, Yin, Randall, Andy
28 Jan (Sat) - 14:00 – 21:00
Terry, Mark, Andy, Hugo, Ken, Yin, Chris
29 Jan (Sun) - 14:00 – 21:00
Terry, Mark, Andy, Hugo, Ken, Yin, Chris, Match
30 Jan (Mon) - 14:00 – 21:00
Terry, Mark, Gary, Jasper, Hugo, Randall, Ken, Yin, Chris, Match
31 Jan (Tue) - 12:00 – 12:00, as usual
Terry, Mark, Gary, Gavin, Jason, Jasper, Randall, Hugo, Ken, Yin, Chris, Match

Jan - Winter Festival

2016.Dec - 2017.Jan

Enjoy and experience our three packages of “Ginger Honey Body Treatment”, “Thai Herbal Ball & Massage” and newly “Chinese Herbal Mud Treatment” in WINTER FESTIVAL. All the packages are listed as HKD $418 for 120 minutes. Our rooms are limited, please call us for reservation.

1) Chinese Herbal Mud Treatment
Herbal mud has been developed by Chinese medical for many years. We use this energy mud to warm regions with the intention of stimulating circulation through the points and inducing a smoother flow of blood. Also, with Chinese tea scrub, it helps slow down the aging process, protect against sun damage and help flush your skin of free radicals. 
● Relax Massage ( 60 mins )
● Chinese Tea Body Scrub ( 20 mins )
● Herbal Energy Body Mask ( 20 mins )
● Vicky Shower ( 20 mins )

120 mins..........HKD $418

2) Ginger Honey Body Treatment
Ginger has a powerful heating effect on the body that draws out toxins, and honey is beneficial for acne skin because of its antibacterial and moisturizing qualities. It also helps to improve the appearance of wrinkles and soothe dry, sensitive of skin. 
● Relax Massage ( 60 mins )
● Sea Sait Body Scrub ( 20 mins )
● Ginger Honey Body Mask ( 20 mins )
● Vicky Shower ( 20 mins )

120 mins..........HKD $418

3) Thai Herbal Ball & Massage
Warm up this winter with Thai Herbal Ball Massage and experience total pampering from head to toe. They generate heat for over 30 mins and are perfect for stress busting and promoting deep relaxation.
● Thai Herbal Ball Compress ( 30 mins )
● Relax Massage ( 90 mins )

120 mins.......HKD $418

10% Discount for COUPLES


We value your comments and suggestions.

  • I had my first visit to Eden Spa recently and it was absolutely wonderful! The facilities were welcoming and clean and calming atmosphere. The massage provided by Gavin was highly skilled, professional and so helpful. I felt so much better after the massage and he knew exactly how to help with my jet lag. I am excited about the opportunity to return during my next visit to Hong Kong!
    Alan, 14 Jan 2017
  • I’ve been to place 5 times with two of those times being serviced by Mark. All I can say is it’s the best massage in Hong Kong. I’m well pleased and you will be too!
  • This is just a quick note to let you know that I just posted a positive review on TravelGayAsia about the excellent 4-hand massage that I had at Eden Spa on the afternoon of Jan. 22 with Martin and Gavin.  They were great: it was a very good massage; they were kind and friendly; and they were very sensual.  It was one of the best massages I have ever had.
    7 Feb 2016
  • Thank you for the arrangement. I have to say that Hugo is gave me a good treatment. I get to know that he studied in Physics Science education. His skills are good. I am very satisfied. Would recommend him and Ocean to my visiting friends from Malaysia.
    9 Nov 2015
  • First time to this spa based on my friend’s recommendation. I have Mark by random who he is a more senior massage therapist . I had taken the Spa package special 120 mins which was fantastic. His massage skill was perfectly right to the point. I enjoy it very much. During the massage, he never mention any extra charge or tips which made me feel very comfortable. The full 120 mins was full of enjoyment. I will be back.
  • Last Friday I came to Eden Spa and took a spa treatment. The environment was satisfactory and the receptionist was polite. My best experience was with the most hot body masseur named Louis, who’s very skilled and provides excellent service. Spend a couple hours there and you will not regret it.
  • Went for first massage today. Very polite and professional place. Had Chinese massage but next time will have different as Chinese through towel. Will go again tomorrow! Only issue was that I undertipped from reading these reviews. However, I was not asked directly for a tip and he did not complain. I will readdress the shortfall in tio next time- I promise! I highly recommend Edam Spa.
  • I was from Taiwan and went to Eden after finishing a couple of days’ work. I was interested to find a gay massage place to get relaxation and then pick Eden as my first trial in HK. I need a place with private shower as well as keeping in good hygiene. I chose Eden because from review my requirements are all fulfilled. I just pop in Eden after work so no idea of which masseur to ask for. I just explained my requirements for need of a masseur with strength and nice looking. Then I was assigned Gavin, a tall guy of 28 with good body figure and courtesy. He has powerful hands and has performed good massage skills; I felt much relaxed after his massage work, particularly after the so wonderful b2b happy ending. I seldom want to give a tips over the minimum but this time I was much willing to do so. I certainly will ask for Gavin again the next time I come to HK. Thanks Gavin again!
  • Hi, I had massage by Franky last night at the Sheraton Hong Kong. Great massage, gentle and I like his personality. This is my first experience with Eden services in Hong Kong. Will certainly call again. Thanks Franky.
    14 Jan 2016
  • I have been to Eden Spa for a number of times. The services have never let me down. The receptionists are polite and friendly. The rooms are clean and spacious with en suite showers. Although there are many masseurs, my only favourite is Terry. He is an experienced masseur who has great massage skills. He is gentle, well-mannered and discreet. He is responsive to my requests and is patient listening to me. His body massage is an unforgettable experience for any customers. I would highly recommend Terry. Although there are so many new masseurs working in Eden, Terry is still my top recommendation.
  • Exclusively male massage and spa, Fit/good-looking and professional masseurs, Clean facilities, Variety types of massage, Open daily from noon until midnight. 5-stars experienced.